'The Millionaire Matchmaker' Season 7 Episode 7: Preview, TV Info & More


Patti Stanger might be on a show titled “The Millionaire Matchmaker”, but this season she’s had little success in finding love for her clients. Patti tries to turn that trend around tonight on an all new episode of her Bravo dating show. I continue to believe the new staff Patti hired is to blame for all of this. The old staff felt real. Those two looked like they would toil in obscurity for Patti, while the new staff looks like rejected H&M models. With a staff more interested in handing out numbers to their single recruits Patti is having an uphill battle in finding love.

Here’s the preview of tonight’s episode from Bravo.

Fiona Forbes is a 40-something Vancouver TV host who finds Patti via her friend, NFL player Mitch Berger, who met his wife through Patti on an episode of The Millionaire Matchmaker.  Although Fiona makes her money being an extrovert on TV, she is very shy and keeps to herself when it comes to her personal life.  Can Patti get Fiona out of her shell long enough to meet Mr. Right? Patti’s second millionaire this week is 57-year-old Jack Roddy.  Jack is a fire insurance salesman who grew up on the streets of Cleveland.  Since his marriage ended years ago, he has been dating a string of young women who are always in need of help, and Patti dubs him the ‘Rescuer.’  Can Patti get him to look past the 20-somethings he has grown accustomed to ‘saving’ and find an age-appropriate woman that he will want to settle down with?

“Fiona Forbes” sounds like a new character in “Scandal”. She has the added pressure of being referred by one of Patti’s few success stories. Fiona might actually expect Patti to find her soul mate instead of an out of work actor who works at a dry cleaner. Good thing Fiona is “an extrovert on TV” because social anxiety doesn’t work well on reality TV. Here’s a preview of Patti giving Fiona some tough love on her relationships.

Tonight’s episode also features Jack Roddy (is he related to the “Price is Right’s” Rod Roddy?) a man rich enough to justify dating younger women. Jack is drawn to women who “need his help”. Coincidentally all of these women who need his help happen to be twenty years younger than him. In his preview Patti tries to tell him about the danger of leading with your wallet. If relationships are built upon financial assistance then they aren’t genuine.

Looks like Patti once again has her hands full. Can she finally hit one out of the park or will she continue to have a success rate below the “Mendoza Line”.

Date: Thursday, January 16th
Episode Title: “The Shy Extrovert and The Rescuer”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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