'Duck Dynasty' Season 5 Premiere Ratings Disappoint


One of the big factors in the rise of “Duck Dynasty” was the new take the show had on the “redneck” lifestyle. The Robertson clan wasn’t a backwoods “Honey Boo Boo” clan yelling about “neck rust”. They were a tight nit family running a million dollar empire. If JR Ewing from “Dallas” made his money in duck calls instead of oil then this could have been his life. That story line differentiated the show from other reality fare, and was a big reason for its overwhelming success.

That special difference took a major hit when Phil Robertson, the show’s patriarch, made controversial comments about gays and lesbians. All all at once the show went from special to run of the mill. While there was a rush by some to support Phil and the show, the question was how would those statements effect the show’s viewers. Would that ugly December be enough to turn people off from what was the biggest reality show on TV? Well this week “Duck Dynasty” aired its fifth season premiere, and the ratings show the scandal hurt even more than A&E wanted to admit.

Deadline.com has all the info on the “Duck Dynasty” dip.

A&E’s flagship reality series clocked 8.5 million viewers Wednesday night, snapping a streak of ratings records and posting its first season-to-season drop. Among adults 18-49, the premiere averaged 4.2 million viewers, down 33%. Those are still huge numbers for a cable series, but the Season 5 opener was down from the show’s Season 4 debut, which drew nearly 12 million to become the No. 1-rated nonfiction series telecast in cable history.

Now any cable programmer would give their right arm for a show that logged 8.5 million viewers, but for “Duck Dynasty” that’s a major drop. There’s no other way to look at the numbers than the show is in decline. The question is will it continue to shrink as the year goes on. While Phil Robertson had numerous defenders in the media, his comments did enough damage to knock “Duck Dynasty” off of the top show on cable pedestal.

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  • Bryant Booth

    Man those guy aren’t red necks they fooled a lot of people. They are millionaires trying to look like rednecks look it up people.

    • Kathy McKinny

      Sorry Bryant, but they were rednecks DECADES before they made their $$$$. Stop spouting liberal nonsense, and “YOU” look it up cause you OBVIOUSLY don’t know WHAT you’re talking about.

      • CComry

        So you agree with their hate speech? And they ARE phonies. Live with it.

        • Kathy McKinny

          sorry but I don’t give that person ANY weight, cause he doesn’t KNOW anything about him. AGAIN PHIL, DOES NOT hate gay people. He was quoting the BIBLE, if you have a problem with what he said TAKE IT UP WITH GOD!!! So you think ALL REDNECKS have beards??? (Showing your IGNORANCE AGAIN) This guy is SPEWING HATE for everyone that lives in the south!!! AND YOU THINK HE IS RIGHT??? SORRY BUT YOU ARE WRONG!!! I am not going to get drawn into a fight with someone who knows nothing about the subject and just wants to FIGHT!! Last post you will see from me. GOD Bless you!!!

          • CComry

            Take it up with god? He doesn’t exist, silly. Get with the 21st century. And who are you to tell me I’m wrong? Don’t you respect other peoples’ opinions? Or are you just another religious fascist bent on forcing their beliefs down everyone’s throats? I’ll go with the latter.

            Keep being stupid and ignorant, and I’ll keeping laughing at you from my liberal strong hold in Boston (it’s a city with culture, unlike whatever pit you live in).

          • CComry

            All of this is in the bible, too:


            Do you follow all of that to the letter? Didn’t think so. Phony.

      • hellfire

        plenty of people have already posted this, but apparently you’ve either missed it entirely, or have willfully chosen to deny it. but hey…here it is again.

        and what exactly does anything he said have to do with being “liberal” again? or is that your default knee-jerk dumbass retort to anything you don’t agree with?


        • Kathy McKinny

          someone sounds JEALOUS of their $$$$

          • hellfire

            you must be kidding…that’s your response? i would be more than happy to recommend some doctors for you, because it seems your head is rammed rather far up your ass.

      • Bryant Booth

        Thank you for letting you know that you are just sheep following trash….. Here is my proof. http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtube_gdata_player&v=KW343K1-upo&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DKW343K1-upo%26feature%3Dyoutube_gdata_player

        • Kathy McKinny

          this PROVES you don’t watch the show!!! You just JUMPED on the bandwagon of HATE for Phil!! Get out of here kid, you bother me!!!

          • Bryant Booth

            No what I’m saying dumbass the video shows the whole show is full of BS and if you been rich all your life how you gonna be a redneck. When someone have a opinon that strong that affects a lot of people. They look down on people like you and me. So say what you want you are full of shit as well. Thanks!!!!

          • Kathy McKinny

            “redneck” is a way of thinking and kind of a way of life. It has NOTHING to do with how much money you have. The Roberston’s have NOT BEEN RICH THEIR WHOLE LIVES!! Phil & Kay were married and had NOTHING!! Then he invented a certain duck call, and THEN they got money. Of course they didn’t LOOK like they do now in “high school” (do you know any high school boys with FULL BEARDS???? I KNOW someone who met them and they are NOT phony at all. They DID NOT look down on him and were NOTHING but polite and friendly. You sound like a mean spirited person who has nothing but venom for anyone who doesn’t share your view of life. I’m done arguing with someone like that. GOD bless you!!!

  • Stovepipe Johnson

    give it up, with those numbers they will be around for a while

    • CComry

      …spewing their hate speech.

  • Kathy McKinny

    millions are NOT WATCHING A & E “BECAUSE” of what they did to Phil. Watch when they JUMP to another network, and ratings will SKYROCKET!!!

    • Al

      you stupid cunt, A&E owns the rights to the show smh….

      • CComry

        YO! Enough of that! You vile piece of shit.

  • CComry

    Good. Hate speech has no place on our society. And if you agree with what he said, you are un-American. Or mostly likely just a poor country idiot.

    • Al

      You stupid faggot, calling someone a poor country idiot is no different….

      • CComry

        Yes it is. It is very different. Look how hateful you are. Do you have any joy in your life? I’d say that you don’t since you’re so quick to use hate speech. Oh well. I guess poor yokels like you have nothing to be happy about.

  • MartelsGhost

    still 9 times more viewers than the “queen of comedy” Lena………………………..

    Nothing he said was hate speech. If he had been muslim, then everyone hating the Robertsons would have been eagerly defending his right to say and believe the same thing but because he’s a well educated Southern White Christian then it’s open season.

    The reality is that the left is focused on protecting the idea of “victimized minorities” and is willing to turn a blind eye towards the behavior of any of their own as long as they spew forth anti-White or anti-Christian rhetoric.

    Practice what you preach before you open your mouth. If you’re all for tolerance and diversity then you have to tolerate all the diverse aspects of humanity, even the White Southern Christians that like to hunt. If you’re all for christian ethics then forgive those that hate you and understand that everyone is welcome at Gods table.

    Me personally I don’t think anyones religion, politics or sexual preferences are anybodies business and certainly have no place in public discourse.

  • tretre10inch

    This is what I meant when I read everyone defending what this idiot said. It’s not about freedom of speech/ beliefs, when it comes to entertainment business. Phil made A&E look bad and jeopardized their ratings by dumping on a small percentage of viewers. Yet people still find this hard to understand. You just keep getting the same sorry argument. If I was in his position, I wouldn’t have said jack even if I truly believed in some wild stuff. You know why? Because a network is paying me big money and it was probably in my contract to keep my mouth shut when it comes to sensitive matters.

  • Robert Colontonio

    good.i hope they sink back into the filthy swamp they slithered out from and disappear from history.

  • Rehab

    Everyone that is criticizing the show never watched it to begin with, so how could it effect ratings?

  • Soldier 7

    If they lost viewers I’m sure it was just liberals that only watched the show to complain about it anyway. Good riddance.

  • Mrteapot

    Yes, these guys ain’t real country.
    Real country southern christians go about protecting freedom…cept for queers and darkies. murica!
    Being country is all about late nights beers and late night partying by the lake, making out with your best bud jim bob…
    We don’t talk about it cause its queer!
    And finally getting semi automatics and going pew pew pew at ducks and deer, cause even tho we can go buy it at a super market this is how caveman did it long ago, like real men….murica!!!

  • Bryant Douglass

    Maybe is not just about the scandal hurting them maybe those who support Phil are boycotting AE..just saying