'True Detective' Season 1 Epsiode 2: Preview, TV Info, & More


We’ve already discussed how the first episode of “True Detective” did a masterful job at focusing not on the crime scene and the evidence, but the relationship dynamic between Detectives Cohle and Hart. Cohle’s adrift in life without a family to anchor him to the ground. Hart lives the American dream with his wife and two kids. They have to not only unravel the mystery behind the murders, but also the growing conflict between the two of them. On tonight’s all new episode Cohle and Hart deal with new evidence pointing towards a “cathouse” and the possibility of being taken off the case.

Here’s the brief preview from HBO of the episode.

Quesada warns Hart and Cohle that they may be replaced by an occult-crimes task force; the pair follows a lead to a rural cathouse and an incinerated church; Hart finds respite away from home.

The trailer for the second episode promises more of the gripping television we witnesses in last week’s series premiere. The juxtaposition of visiting a cathouse and a burned church gives Cohle and Hart wonderful backgrounds to work out their demons.

The end of the last episode left the door open to the killer still being at large. Could the show reach a point where the destructive Cohle and out of shape Hart are drawn back into the investigation? No matter what happens tonight “True Detective” will remain the must see TV show of the year.

Date: Sunday, January 19th
Episode Title: “Seeing Things”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: HBO.com

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