'Duck Dynasty' Season 5, Episode 3: Preview, TV Info, & More


The big secret about the “Duck Dynasty” scandal is how unimportant Phil Robertson is to the show’s success. Phil pops up every once and a while to yell at Willie or bring in dead animals for cooking, but he’s not essential. His comments appear to have resulted in softer than normal ratings for the season five premiere, however as long as people like Uncle Si are around the show can keep on trucking. Losing Phil Robertson is the same thing as “Rob Kardashian is at a photo shoot”. It really doesn’t matter. Instead tonight’s all new episode, titled “Life of Si” relies heavily on the antics of Phil’s brother.

Uncle Si is the real breakout “Snooki” of the show. He’s like a real life Foghorn Leghorn. He’s the one handcuffing himself to Willie, not Phil. Phil has always been the by the book, stern type. It is his brother Si that’s the true personality. This week thankfully once again is all about Si.

Uncle Si has been exposed to the wonder of the GoPro camera, and now he’s committed to filming his own daily life using one of the cameras. He can strap the sucker to his hat and off we go into Si world. Besides Si the filmmaker, tonight’s all new episode relies on universal family themes when Willie gets lost on a road trip. Here’s the synopsis of the episode from A&E.

Uncle Si annoys the guys when he uses a digital camera to document a day in his life; Willie improvises when he gets lost driving John Luke and Sadie to a college football game.

The show works best when it sticks to familiar family stories, and trying to look smart when lost driving is something everyone can relate to. “Duck Dynasty” is a show with mass appeal, and that’s not worth squandering by making uncouth statements.

Date: Wednesday, January 22nd
Episode Title: “Life of Si”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: A&E
Online Stream: AETV.com

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