'Modern Family' Season 5, Episode 13: Preview, TV Info, & More


Tonight’s all new “Modern Family” brings out the big guns in an episode titled “Three Dinners”. The show remains the funniest sitcom on TV. Even their clunkier episodes are enjoyable. Last week’s episode was a bit contrived with Mitchell interacting with his super green neighbor, played by guest star Jesse Eisenberg, while Alex spent time in therapy. Even with a forced plot, the show can still rake in the big time guest stars.

Tonight is no different with two big stars visiting Jay and Gloria. Chazz Palminteri and Jennifer Tilly pop up tonight as Jay’s friends Shorty and Darlene. They are one of the three meals going on tonight.

Here’s the ABC synopsis which explains what we are going to see from each dinner table.

Phil and Claire take Haley out to dinner to discuss her future, but Haley manages to turn the tables. Elsewhere, Jay’s friend Shorty and wife Darlene are back visiting, and they have some news that doesn’t sit well with Jay. And, Mitch and Cam decide to have a nice, romantic dinner date where they don’t talk about the wedding or about Lily, which then leads to a lot of awkward silences.

Sounds like everyone has their hands full tonight on an all new episode of “Modern Family”.

Date: Wednesday, January 22nd
Episode Title: “Three Dinners”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: ABC
Online Stream: ABC.com

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