Q&A with Mike Colter from 'The Good Wife' & 'American Horror Story: Coven'

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Actor Mike Colter was kept very busy in 2013. When he’s wasn’t hunting down witches on FX’s “American Horror Story” Coven”, he’s striking a menacing pose as Chicago drug lord Lemond Bishop on CBS’s hit drama “The Good Wife”. Mike recently took some time out to talk with Hidden Remote about his juicy roles, and his future projects. During the Q&A we got a chance to talk about his views on the future of “The Good Wife”, which law firm on the show he thinks has the inside track to snag Bishop’s business, what it was like working with Director Barry Sonnenfeld on “Men in Black III”, his next big role, and more.


Hidden Remote: How does working on the set of “The Good Wife” compare to “American Horror Story: Coven”?

Mike Colter: The set of the Good Wife is very familiar to me and I’ve gotten to know the cast and crew over the years. When I’m there it feels like I know my way around. AHS was very new to me so no time to get to know anyone. I hit the ground running and they keep the story lines very hush hush even with the cast. It’s quite different but I enjoy both.


HR: What firm from “The Good Wife” do you think Lemond Bishop will end up hiring? Florrick/Agos or Lockhart/Gardner?

MC: I think he is very comfortable with Alicia but her firms resources are not as strong as Lockhart-Gardner. That being said she still has her husbands clout to help her. I think the interesting thing to do would be to use both.


HR: Who would you like to see Alicia end up with, Will or Peter?

MC: When I first saw her reconciling with Peter I was disappointed. I thought … Why? Then as I’ve watched the way it’s unfolding I think it actually was the best for Alicia. I think it says a great deal about marriage and it was very brave to even attempt this kind of turnaround. The audience is very opinionated and sometimes won’t forgive characters for past transgressions. I think they trust Alicia so much that if she forgives and moves on so will they. Besides after the Will showdown during her exit I can’t see her going back.


HR:You hunted the witches of “American Horror Story: Coven”. Has any of the show’s active fan base taken issue with you over that?

MC: I honestly have to say I don’t know. I make a conscious effort to not read fan feedback or check these blogs or sites. I always side with my character so I have their pov 100%.


HR: What was it like working with Director Barry Sonnenfeld on “Men in Black III”?

MC: Barry (or Bazz as he’s affectionately called by close friends) was so much fun. A truly colorful character with side splitting stories to tell. I have always liked his work since he was a Director of Photography for The Coen Brothers. Funny guy who made it a pleasure to be on set.


HR: You’re the lead in the 2014 film “America is Still the Place. What can you tell us about the film?

MC: It’s an Indie film that is shooting in the Sam Francisco bay area. I play Charlie Walker who was an integral part of the oil spill clean up in the Bay Area in 1971. It’s based on Charlie Walker’s book by the same name. It is an every-man story, which, I have been dying to do for the longest time now. It’s a story that anyone who has ever felt like an outsider can relate to. It’s a story of how one man deals with adversity and tries to make a way for his family. It’s truly an All-American tale.


HR: What TV Shows influenced you the most as an actor?

MC: Growing up the landscape of television was so different then it is now. I remember watching “St. Elsewhere” and “Hill Street Blues.” Then while I was studying acting at Rutgers in 1999 “The Sopranos” came onto the scene. The writing redefined television and allowed actors to go places they’d never been.


HR: Bonus Question You were born up in Columbia, South Carolina and attended the University of South Carolina. Who is your favorite Gamecock football player of all time?

MC: Full disclosure. I am a FSU fan. Go Noles!! 2014 National Champs!!


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