'Rake' Series Premiere on Fox: Preview, TV Info, & More

Fox has promoted their new legal drama “Rake” as “House” with a law degree. The show stars Greg Kinnear in the role of Keegan Deane, a defense lawyer who’s as troubled as he is gifted. Kinnear is the perfect actor for this type of role. He’s got the type of personality that juries love to trust. Deane uses unconventional methods in the same way as Dr. House. The trip towards a legal victory isn’t as important as winning itself. Kinnear’s Deane has an ethos of “Just Win, Baby”. Also like on “House”, Deane has addictions of his own that try to get in the way of victory.

Here’s how Fox describes “Rake”.

RAKE, a bold new legal drama based on the Australian Film Institute Award nominee for Best Television Drama series of the same name, follows the comedic and chaotic life of criminal defense lawyer KEEGAN DEANE (Academy Award nominee and Emmy Award winner Greg Kinnear, “Little Miss Sunshine,” “The Kennedys”).
On a single day, Keegan Deane is described as many things – most of which are far from flattering. His ex-wife calls him “unreliable”; to his fellow lawyers he’s “an obstruction”; judges think he’s “an outrage”; the IRS calls him a “defendant”; his bookie says he’s a “pain in the ass”; and to his former dealer, he’s simply a “tragic loss.”

Brilliant and frustratingly charming, Keegan is one of life’s great addicts. His staggering lack of discretion and inability to self-censor land him the cases that nobody else will touch, but behind that lies a resolute optimism and belief in justice that fuel his dogged determination to defend those who seem beyond redemption. He always tries to do the right thing, but at the same time struggles to save himself from the many self-destructive elements that plague his own life, such as his overindulgence in women, gambling and other excesses.

Each morning, Keegan tends to wake up bruised – physically, emotionally, spiritually. Usually, it’s a combination of them all. Then it’s out into the world – onto the battleground of Keegan’s day.

Kinnear made his name hosting the original version of “Talk Soup”, but left TV for an uneven film career. When he gets the right role, like in “You’ve Got Mail”, he can more than carry his own. There is little competition for network dramas tonight, so “Rake” should be able to make an early splash. If Fox can capture “House” viewers with “Rake” then Kinnear is on his way to a major hit.

Date: Thursday, January 23rd
Episode Title: “Rake Series Premiere”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream: FOX.com

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