Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 6, Episode 13: Preview, TV Info, & More

There hasn’t been much calm this season between the “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. There’s a different blow up every week on the show. One of the constants in all of the drama is Kenya Moore, the pageant queen and chronic twirler. Kenya finds slights in even the smallest of situations. If there is a reason to wag her finger at another cast member then she is more than willing to oblige. Tonight’s all new episode, titled “Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight” centers once again around the tornado of crazy that Kenya brings to the party.

Here’s the description from Bravo about all of the action on tonight’s all new episode.

NeNe invites all of the couples to a sexy pajama party for a little pillow talk. However, the lighthearted frivolity turns into an unforgettable, all-out brawl, leaving relationships changed forever.

So tonight all of the action takes place at a pajama party, but before that there’s still more ridiculousness. First there is a birthday party for Phaedra’s son, better known as Mr. President. In true Phaedra fashion the party looks like something out of Zumunda in “Coming to America”. At his age Mr. President doesn’t need a town car to drool and poop in.

After the Phaedra trip the spotlight shifts to Kenya. First she’s shopping for a sperm donor in the way people shop for light bulbs at Home Depot. She makes looking into a microscope seem so stupid. Then after her trip to the sperm bank there’s the pajama party. It seems Kenya said something about Cynthia’s friends being “common law married” and boy does that not sit well. NeNe is throwing a lovely pajama party, but it’s ruined by a slap fight between two men who aren’t even full time cast members of the show.

The preview features tons of yelling, but I doubt there will be any actual violence. Whatever happens you can guarantee that the next few episodes of the show will deal with the fallout of tonight’s explosive feud. Here’s the preview from Bravo full of yelling and quick cuts.

Date: Sunday, January 26th
Episode Title: “Pillow Talk or Pillow Fight?”
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream:

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