Sherlock Season 3, Episode 2: Watson's Wedding Preview, TV Info, & More

We’ve seen Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock fight with all sorts of cunning foes on the hit PBS show. Tonight’s episode, titled “The Sign of Three”, might contain his most devious problem ever devised. Tonight on “Sherlock” the world famous detective has to solve the problem of being the Best Man at Watson’s wedding. For the socially inept Brit this could be his toughest assignment yet. Sherlock can find even the smallest clues, but when it comes to social cues he’s a lost puppy.

Even the preview from PBS let’s us know how scary this task is going to be for Sherlock.

Sherlock faces his biggest challenge — delivering the Best Man’s speech on Watson’s wedding day.

The first episode of season three was wonderful in that it both answered how Sherlock survived his fall, but never really gave away how he accomplished his feat. He told a tale to Anderson, but can we really trust that he’d be honest with him about the faking of his death? The real key is that Sherlock and Watson are now back together, and ready for a walk down the aisle. Any fan of the show has to know this wedding is headed for disaster, and from the looks of the preview the real chaos starts during Sherlock’s Best Man speech.

Like any good super hero, Sherlock’s work is never done. Watson’s wedding doesn’t stand a chance if a case invades the special day. The socially awkward Sherlock is one of the great aspects of this version of the classic Detective, and a wedding is the perfect place for him to work his magic. He’s going to have way too many people to extrapolate from at this shindig.

Date: Sunday, January 26th
Episode Title: “The Sign of Three”
Start Time: 9:58 pm ET
Watch: PBS
Online Stream:

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