'The Blacklist' Season 1, Episode 13 The Cyprus Agency - Preview, TV Info, & More


It was only a matter of time before James Spader’s Red was going to track down the people responsible for his attempted kidnapping from the secret FBI station. Last week’s episode ended with Red confronting CIA attache Meera Malik as the mole on the team. Red has been brutal in dealing with those who plotted against him, but Meera claims to have important information Red needs.

While Red has his hands full with Meera, Lizzy is once again dealing with her might be a spy Husband. The long ago discussed adoption is finally coming to fruition. Just because Tom wants to adopt a baby doesn’t mean he can’t still a secret spy monitoring Lizzy’s life. In a perfect coincidence the next name on the blacklist deals is a corrupt adoption agency that deals in stolen children. Here’s the NBC synopsis for tonight’s episode.

On the eve of Liz’s adoption, Red puts her on the trail of an adoption agency gone evil.

How long until all roads leads to Alan Alda’s character? The best guess for tonight is Meera will offer Red an opportunity to get revenge on Alda. There are some shots of Washington D.C. in the preview that gives a feeling of Red visiting Alda at his office on Capital Hill.

Date: Monday, January 27th
Episode Title: “The Cyprus Agency”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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