'Better Call Saul' Signs Breaking Bad's Mike for Prequel


Late last night Deadline.com broke news that made every “Breaking Bad” fan sleep tight in their Los Pollos Hermanos bedsheets. AMC announced that Jonathan Banks, who was brilliant as the ultimate fixer Mike Ehrmantraut, will be apart of the “Better Call Saul” prequel slated to premiere during November 2014. Here’s how Deadline.com broke the big news.

Jonathan Banks has joined Bob Odenkirk in Better Call Saul, AMC/Sony TV’s upcoming prequel to Emmy-winning Breaking Bad that centers on Odenkirk‘s unflappable criminal lawyer Saul Goodman.

This news is a virtual tums for any “Breaking Bad” fans who were worried about the AMC spin-off tarnishing the very real world created by Vince Gilligan. Adding Banks’ Mike back into the mix means another established character with the potential for a tremendous back story. We only broke the surface with Mike on “Breaking Bad”. Also Mike’s character works well with Bob Odenkirk’s Saul. Saul is the extrovert to Mike’s wallflower.

The biggest stumble the show could make would be relying on Saul’s interactions with completely new clients. Then it could be a constant comparison between the new people and Walt’s case. If Saul’s new clients aren’t the same level then the show could feel smaller. Bringing back Mike is similar to when a reality show brings back an established character for the next season. Familiar faces make it much easier to introduce new locations and friends. For instance if Mike vouches for a client to Saul then the viewer knows this guy must be for real. He’s the Good Housekeeping seal for the show.

The more news that leaks out about “Better Call Saul”, the more it begins to feel like a home run. The show could be to “Breaking Bad” what “Fraiser” was to “Cheers”.

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