First Look at the Peter Capaldi Doctor Who from BBC


It’s not hyperbole to say that Steven Moffat, the man behind the international hits “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” might be the most important show runner in the world. One of the reasons for Moffat’s success is how deftly he and his writers handle their show’s characters. It was the reinvention of the “Doctor” that was his first real triumph. It started first with Christopher Eccleston who handed off the Tardis to David Tennant and then most recently to Matt Smith who owned the role.

Matt Smith’s last episode as the lead time lord was “Time of the Doctor” where he passed the sonic screwdriver off to Peter Capaldi. Smith’s version of the Doctor was one of the more playful iterations of the character. Smith’s Doctor was eccentric from his bow tie to his hair. We first saw Capaldi at the end of the 50th Anniversary special, and then at the end of Matt Smith’s run, but we haven’t yet seen the style Capaldi’s Doctor will adopt.

We knew it would be different from Smith’s but now the BBC has released a new photo of Capaldi in his official “Doctor Who” costume. Check it out below.


First impression is that the twelfth Doctor is going to play to Capaldi’s strengths which are completely different from Matt Smith’s Doctor. Out are the light brown colors and here come the reds and blacks. Even Capaldi’s stance feels like a Doctor of action. The new “Doctor Who” is shooting now, and from the looks of things Capaldi is more than capable of making the role all his own.

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