HBO Signs Deal to Make Season 2 of True Detective


Good news for all of us obsessed with HBO’s “True Detective”. The network has signed a deal with the show’s creator, Nic Pizzolatto, to make a second season of the hit cop show. The news was first posted to the Hollywood Bible, Here’s the key part of their exclusive article.

Now HBO has inked a new two-year overall deal with Pizzolatto, who is working on a second season of True Detective. I hear he is currently preparing a draft to present to HBO executives who are expected to proceed with a Season 2 given the performance of the first installment whose premiere was HBO’s most watched series debut in more than three years and has garnered 7.7 million viewers to date on various platforms.

The only bad news here is Harrelson and McConaughey won’t be back for a second season because the show is taking an anthology format. Each season would follow two new partners, aka two new A-List actors, on a completely different case and location. On one hand that’s disappointing because it only took three episodes for Cohle and Hart to become one of the most popular crime fighters on TV, but on the other it means a whole new powerhouse duo for season two.

The lesson learned from “House of Cards” by HBO was the power of A-List talent. In the post-Sopranos time HBO didn’t need big name actors. Their shows could take unknowns and make them into international stars. “House of Cards” went the opposite direction, and Kevin Spacey enriched the show with gravitas before it even started. The same thing happened with “True Detective”. Most people would watch the dynamic duo of Harrelson and McConaughey cut grass. The question of the next great HBO show has been answered, and it’s “True Detective”.

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