MTV's 'The Real World Ex-Plosion' Episode 4 is Must See TV


There’s good and bad news about the new season of the “Real World” on MTV. The good news is this is the best season of the show in recent memory. The bad news is the show has little to no resemblance to the original “Real World” format. The big change in the show is that the seven people living together in the house don’t know their exes are going to move into the house. The first few episodes have been electric on their own, but tonight is the moment when the exes first arrive. That means tonight’s episode is a perfect spot for people to check out the show.

Just how different is this season of the “Real World”? One of the guys on the show is laughed at by the house when he reveals he’s only slept with three women. Even the mousey guy from the Bronx rolls his eyes at such a low number. The days when being the cast virgin was interesting are far gone. In this cast not being a total sex machine is seemed as a disability. The show made a smart move in waiting thirty days before introducing the exes twist because it gave the new roommates time to bond and bang each other. Now when the exes arrive there’s a guarantee of drama.

Give the new “Real World” a chance tonight, and you won’t be disappointed. The show has now been remade with the sole purpose of making great TV. It’s just like “Bad Girls Club” now. The era of social change is over for MTV.

Here’s the preview from MTV that shows the first moments of realization from the cast that their exes are here to stay.

Date: Wednesday, January 28th
Episode Title: “Ex-otic Encounters”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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