What Time is Super Bowl XLVIII Denver Broncos vs. Seattle Seahawks?

The Super Bowl manages to be both an uplifting and depressing event. One on hand it’s the biggest game of the year with the two best teams in the league. On the other hand it’s the last football game for 8 months. This year Peyton Manning’s Denver Broncos are taking on the Richard Sherman led Seattle Seahawks. The best offense takes on the best defense in the first Super Bowl to take place at Giants Stadium.

Kickoff for Super Bowl XLVIII – 6:25 PM ET on Fox

Coverage of the big game kicks off at Noon with “Road to the Super Bowl”, a look back on the journey of the Broncos and Seahawks. Then at 1pm “Football America” taking a look at the stories from our national game. Then the real action kicks off at 2pm with the “Super Bowl XLVIII Pregame”. All of the our favorite Fox personalities will be live from the game. During the four hour pregame there’s also a little politics thrown into the mix. It’s customary that the hosting network for the Super Bowl get an interview with the President. Fox has enlisted Fox News star Bill O’Reilly for the interview. The President sparring with the biggest ego in News is must see TV. Here’s what happened when the two met in 2011 before the big game.

Fox is following the Super Bowl with all new episodes of “New Girl” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”. Coming off of their Golden Globe win for Best Comedy, “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” is a perfect choice for the cushy post Super Bowl position.

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