Top Chef New Orleans Season 11 Episode 16 Season Finale Part 1 Preview

One of the worst “Top Chef” seasons in recent memory kicks off its two part finale tonight. This season of “Top Chef” was a deadly mix of bland contestants and invasive product placement. The show devoted more time to Dunkin Donuts and Toyota than rounding out the chef’s personalities. Tonight’s finale has the chefs leaving New Orleans for the sandy beaches of Hawaii. The final three chefs are Nick, Shirley, and Nina. I’ve picked Nina all season long as the winner, and there’s no reason to get off that horse now.

Before the show can continue the winner of “Last Chance Kitchen” will be announced and that chef will be back in the competition. The final two are Louis and Carlos. Louis has been the long term winner on “Last Chance Kitchen” so expect him to beat out Carlos. The final four will be trimmed to two by the end of the episode. Here’s the Bravo preview of tonight’s part 1 finale.

Aloha! The final chefs head to Hawaii for the big finale. In Maui, the Final 3 learn which chef from Last Chance Kitchen will be rejoining the competition. Their Quickfire features a Hawaiian staple. . . Spam. The pressure is on to create the best dishes with Hawaiian canoe crops since the double elimination will send only two chefs through to the finale. Guest judges: Peter Merriman — Chef/Owner Merriman’s Kapulua and Sam Choy — Chef/Restaurateur.

Spam is lucky that they couldn’t sell the final Quickfire to a company like Healthy Choice. While the show normally changes locations for the finale, this year’s New Orleans vibe is totally forgotten in Hawaii. We spent all season hearing about the importance of the city only to have the chefs high tail it out of there at the last minute. Bet on Shirley and Nina as the final two tonight.

Date: Wednesday, January 28th
Episode Title: “Maui Wowie”
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream:

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