'Sherlock' Season 3, Episode 3: Preview, TV Info, & More


The perfect meal after watching four hours of super hero sized men smashing their heads together is the Season 3 finale of “Sherlock” on PBS. Benedict Cumberbatch’s Sherlock faces a new enemy that matches him at every turn. Not since Moriarty has there been a character so on par with Sherlock’s abilities. The man’s name is Charles Augustus Magnussen, a Rupert Murdoch like media baron who uses deductive methods to find people’s weaknesses. Magnussen is the biggest blackmailer in England, and everyone is afraid of going up against him.

The episode also features one of the more interesting client meetings in the show’s history. With only three episodes per season, “Sherlock” is unfairly short. If Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, who plays Dr. Watson, weren’t such huge film stars then it might not be so terrible. Due to their busy, and lucrative film schedules, we might be waiting another two years for new adventures from Baker St. Not even Sherlock himself could solve that problem.

“Sherlock” co-creator Mark Gatiss also shines as Mycroft, don’t call me Mike, Sherlcok’s meddling brother in tonight’s final episode of season 3. There’s also tons of rumblings online that the ending to this episode rivals the cliffhanger of Sherlock’s apparent death in season 2. Don’t forget tonight that when the Super Bowl ending only means that the games have just begun on PBS. For the last time this year, a new game is afoot.

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