'24: Live Another Day' Super Bowl Promo Jack is Back on Fox


When Fox announced that Kiefer Sutherland was bringing back Jack Bauer for a new show titled “24: Live Another Day” that was a collective eye roll from the web. It felt like Jack Bauer as a character had been strip mined during the last few seasons of “24”. The show didn’t have the edge or shock it once carried. Then it was announced that this new season of “24” would only be 12 episodes long.

How could you have 24 hours of action in twelve episodes? There was also the reality of Jack Bauer being a character sprung from the terrorism fears of the President Bush era. Back then the idea of Jack torturing suspects for info didn’t raise many eyebrows. There were so many strikes against this new “24” that the show could be DOA to the Fox schedule. All that changed within 45 seconds of the “24: Live Another Day” Super Bowl promo. In a bland boring night, this spot leaped off the screen.

There’s an attack taking place in the heart of London, but why? Not until Jack walks on screen with Chloe on his shoulder did the spot reveal itself. Right then it reminded viewers of what we love best about the show. Jack and Chloe working together to thwart a seemingly unstoppable disaster. Bonus points for Chloe’s “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo” hairstyle. When Kiefer let’s out one of Jack’s primal screams they have you hooked back in. Here’s all we know about the upcoming show from Wikipedia.

Four years after dishing out his own brand of justice and evading capture, Jack Bauer finds himself on the run in London. Meanwhile, Jack’s closest confidante Chloe O’Brian has been aiding and abetting the federal fugitive. Her current legal status is revealed.

#Jackisback this May on Fox. Be there on May 5th, 2014 to see if the magic in this promo can be translated into the new season of “24: Live Another Day”.

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