The 'Seinfeld' Reunion Super Bowl Commercial Surprise


All week leading up to the Super Bowl there were rumblings around New York City of Jerry Seinfeld filming a “Seinfeld” related project. The world wondered “could there be a ‘Seinfeld’ reunion in the near future?” Then the hype around a reunion show went to 11 when this tweet hit the internet.

Jerry and George walking into Tom’s Restaurant on the Upper West Side could only mean the gang was back together. Leading up to the Super Bowl Jerry Seinfeld did numerous press appearances, but was coy when asked about the pictures and the reunion. He wouldn’t confirm anything though. Viewers were only asked to stay tuned.

Well the big secret was revealed right before the Halftime Show. Jerry and George were back in a 90 second clip. They talked about nothing before being interrupted by Wayne Knight’s Newman. It was just like the show. However this wasn’t the reunion we had all hoped for. No, instead this was a commercial for the online show “Comedians in Cars” that Seinfeld hosts. (The episode with Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner is a must see.)

Not having Elaine or Kramer around was softened when viewers realized it wasn’t a true “Seinfeld” reunion.

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