'Vanderpump Rules' Season 2 Finale, Episode 14: Preview, TV Info, & More

After thirteen episodes of makeups and breakups, and a little waiting tables on the side, the second season of “Vanderpump Rules” comes to an end tonight on Bravo. In an episode titled “I Lied” all of the major story lines the show has been flogging come together at Scheana’s engagement party. Everything will be settled tonight between the warring waitstaff of SUR.

Jax and Stassi started out the season on the road to reconcilement, but then Jax started to do stupid things. First he got Stassi’s name tattooed on his bicep, then he started flaunting his sex life in front of her, and he capped it all off by revealing he slept with Kristin. Now everyone is grossed out by Jax and his chronic inability to tell the truth. Jax would make a great politician.

Tom and Kristin spent most of this season trying to get over Tom’s cheating in Las Vegas. Kristin cried and yelled to anyone that would listen, but that was before the Jax bomb dropped on her. How could she spend all this time complaining about Tom working with a girl he hooked up with when she was having sex with Jax? Kristin continues to deny the relationship with Jax, but everyone else seems in agreement that they banged.

Here’s the Bravo synopsis of tonight’s episode.

In the season finale, SUR’s sexy annual photo shoot turns tearful as Stassi attacks Jax for his womanizing, and Lisa helps Tom deal with the growing evidence of Kristen’s infidelity. Things come to an explosive head at Scheana’s engagement party when Kristen and Tom finally face off with Stassi and Jax.

From the looks of this clip Kristin and Tom still aren’t settled on what happened between Jax and Kristin.

All of this is just an appetizer for the craziness happening at the engagement party. No one does over the top anger better than Stassi, and nothing celebrates people getting married better than a fist fight about infidelity.

Be there tonight for the final moments of “Vanderpump Rules” Season 2.

Date: Monday, February 3rd
Episode Title: “I Lied”
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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