Tom Punches Jax to end 'Vanderpump Rules' Season 2 Finale


Business finally picked up in the last few minutes of season 2 of Bravo’s “Vanderpump Rules”. The last few episodes were dominated by rumors of Kristin having sex with Jax. Finally in the last minutes Kristin finally admitted to her boyfriend Tom that she had in fact slept with Jax, but only once. To make matters worse Tom and Jax were best friends when the two hooked up.

All of this came to a head at Scheana’s engagement party at SUR. This was a great night of narcissism for Scheana. Her first sad moment was during the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” when she flashed her ring to anyone with a pulse. If you were within five foot radius of her she was thrusting the ring in your face. Then her actual engagement party turned into a captive audience for her singing career. Not sure how Scheana singing on top of a bar honored her commitment to marriage, but that’s another issue.

Tom and Kristin arrive late to the party, and then the real fun starts. Kristin admits the truth to her friend Stassi, who is the Rachel to Jax’s Ross. Stassi takes the news poorly to say the least. The real fireworks happened during a toast. Tom can’t take it anymore and lunges at Jax. He lands a few direct punches to the face before being separated. Jax’s face is covered in blood. Who knew Tom, who looks like Johnny Depp’s rejected body double from Edward Scissorhands, had that sort of fight in him. Jax takes it like a man, and yells that Kristin came two times when she was with him. Classy.

The most offensive moment of the episode wasn’t the punch or the violence. No it was listening to Scheana cry about the possibility of her new teeth and nose being injured in the scrum. Could she be any worse? What sort of person would want to buy her music? She makes Ke$ha sound like Pavarotti.

For more answers check out the two part “Vanderpump Rules” reunion kicking off next week on Bravo.

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