Netflix Renews 'House of Cards' for Season 3


We are a little over a week away from Netflix releasing Season 2 of “House of Cards”. The political thriller starring Kevin Spacey as the diabolical Francis Underwood was one of the must see shows from 2013. The new season kicks off on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, but Netflix isn’t waiting for the premiere to make waves. The streaming network announced that they’ve already committed to a Season 3 for “House of Cards”. Here’s the announcement from the show’s official Twitter page.

This is a surprise because there were rumors the show might end after the second season. The first season of “House of Cards” followed Representative Underwood, the House Minority Whip, dealing with the fallout of being passed over for Secretary of State. Viewers were also introduced to his ice queen wife, Claire, and Frank’s power plays. One of my favorite moments was the feeding of the Teacher Union protestors outside of the Underwood charity event. Frank will kill them with kindness if he can, and with a blunt instrument if that doesn’t work.

This announcement is another stake into the premium programming world by Netflix, and a warning to HBO, Showtime, AMC, and others that Netflix isn’t going away anytime soon. In the second season we find Frank Underwood rising to the role of Vice President. Could Frank hear the notes of Hail to the Chief by the time the third season rolls around?

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