The Walking Dead Mid-Season Premiere Recap


The Walking Dead returned Sunday night after a few months hiatus and brought us to the aftermath of the battle for the prison between Rick’s group and the Governor. Since the group has been separated the big question is how will the show runners tell the story while still keeping it entertaining.

This episode focused on the relationship between Rick and Carl as well as showing us some of Michonne’s back story before the zombie invasion. We start off seeing Michonne creepily walking towards the prison and soon finds two walkers to tie up like we have previously seen her do. While leaving she comes upon Hershel’s zombie head, finishes the job and continues on.

We find Rick trailing Carl trying to keep up with his fast pace, the exchanges between them are very short and stern. What continues are exchanges of attitudes between the two leading to them finding food and shelter. The next morning Carl wakes up and tries to get the attention of Rick by shaking him, nothing seems to be happening except two walkers hear the commotion and try to enter the house.

Carl exits through the back of the house and lures the walkers to a secluded area but another comes up from behind attacking him. As the struggle continues, he manages to get his gun and shoot them all. He narrowly escapes being bitten but does that teach him a lesson? The answer is no because he goes into another house, opens the wrong door and is attacked again this time losing a shoe in the process.

We see a flashback of Michonne before the outbreak, she has a young child and lives with her lover Mike. This explains why she had a meltdown while holding baby Judith. In a very strange sequence she is cutting something in the kitchen with a knife which turns into her sword. An argument starts, it would seem they were arguing over what to do with the young boy. All of a sudden the arms of Mike and his friend are cut off, it would appear these two could be her first walker pets. Michonne suddenly wakes up to present day. She is still leading her pack of walkers to really no where that seems significant. She had some sort of freak out because she continued to massacre every walker in sight.

Carl goes back to Rick and has a little freak out himself yelling at his father about what is getting at him. The exchange really shows the growth of Carl from season one up until this point. Carl thinks Rick is turning into a walker and prepares to shoot him until Rick speaks, which now we know means Rick is alive. In short Rick and Carl find some common ground and soon after Michonne is re-united with them both. We know nothing about any other characters but it was nice to see this episode end on a somewhat happy note.

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