Walter White's Must See FaceBook 'Look Back' Video

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It’s more than fair to call FaceBook’s celebration of their 10th anniversary a success. The last year hasn’t been kind to the social media site. Numerous reports describe a shrinking effect occurring at the site. New programs like Snapchat are slowly eroding FaceBook’s dominance. However people shouldn’t underestimate the power FaceBook still has on popular culture.

The best example of this was the recent release of the FaceBook “Look Back” Videos. In honor of their 10 year anniversay FaceBook created personal videos for each user about their time on the site. The videos cobbled together posted pictures and comments to make a rough timeline of your life. It was an aggregation form of “This is Your Life”. The use of emotional music, and slow dissolves were their best emotional tricks.

The good news is that the “Look Back” trend has reached one of our favorite people. “Breaking Bad” isn’t around anymore, but we do have the FaceBook “Look Back” video of Walter White. The video, first brought to attention by, doesn’t feature every memorable moment, (where’s Gale?) but reassures you that everyone deserves a proper memory trip.

Now’s the moment to remember that “Better Call Saul” is happening this year. The story of Walter White is over, but there’s going to be more opportunities to return to the dynamic world created by Vince Gilligan. Now where’s Jessie’s video, bitch?

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