NBC Primetime Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Coverage for February 12th 2014 - Preview

Shani Davis

We are a country obsessed with winners. With a media this loud and powerful, the attitude towards Olympians feels like “what have you done for me lately”. The best and most recent example is two time gold medalist Shaun White. White was the biggest American star in this Olympics. He made major news by just pulling out of the slope style event. It was understandable to viewers because White was no doubt focusing on winning another gold medal in Halfpipe.

Well last night NBC broadcast the marquee event for White, “the flying tomato”, and millions witnessed him finishing in fourth place. White getting fourth place was treated like the embarrassment of a lifetime. White already won two gold medals. His trademark long hair is now business short. What did he have left to prove? If you listen to the media White went home with his tail between his legs. Most of that analysis occurred because after White there isn’t a name athlete left in the games. The hype around him was so huge that it became impossible to keep up with it.

Tonight on NBC the Olympics look to move on from the White fiasco. Pairs Figure Skating is the marquee event of the night, followed by women’s downhill and halfpipe events. Later in the evening speed skater Shani Davis attempts to replace White as the USA’s Olympic darling. Here’s NBC’s preview of tonight’s events.

Reigning world champions Tatyana Volosozhar and Maksim Trankov look to reinstate Russia’s Olympic dominance in pairs Figure Skating. Plus deep U.S. women’s teams in downhill Alpine Skiing and halfpipe Snowboarding compete in gold medal finals, and Shani Davis skates to become the first American man to win the same event at three Olympic Winter Games.

Date: Tuesday, February 12th
Episode Title: XXII Winter Olympics from Sochi – Shaun White
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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