House of Cards season 2 now streaming on Netflix


We’ve been waiting all year long for tonight, but the day has finally arrived. Netflix has officially released the second season of House of Cards which means that your Valentines Day just got a lot more complicated than it already was. Not only do you have to try and balance finding place to take your date with how to make the evening special, but in the back of your mind you won’t be able to stop thinking about House of Cards.

House of Cards has helped redefine how we watch television shows, and is already an iconic and legendary show in that regard. Not only is it a smash hit for Netflix, but it has garnered Emmy nominations and a Golden Globe win, something no one thought was possible for a show exclusively available on a streaming service and not airing on a cable channel.

The odds have been defied though, and thanks to the likes of Kevin Spacey, Emmy-award winner David Fincher and Golden Globe-winner Robin Wright, House of Cards is back and better than ever.

All you need to do in order to catch the new season of House of Cards is log into your Netflix account on any device and hit play. It’s literally that easy to watch House of Cards and you therefore have no excuse as to ever missing out on the show.

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