HBO 'True Detective' Season 1 Episode 5: Preview


With only eight episodes planned for HBO’s “True Detective”, tonight’s installment promises to be full of action and plot developments. Hart and Cohle are getting closer and closer to finding lead suspect Reggie Ledoux, and according to the preview provided by the show tonight could be the duo’s first face to face meeting with Ledoux. The question of course is can you trust Ledoux as the perpetrator of the Dora Lange murder. Some of the questions by the detectives in present seem to point at Detective Cohle. If Ledoux is behind bars, but the murders continue then who is to blame?

Here’s the quick preview from HBO for tonight’s episode.

Hart and Cohle celebrate a solved case; Papania and Gilbough confront the detectives with new intelligence.

A solved case doesn’t mean the action or plot twists are over. What new info will the present day detectives bring up? The only thing we can count on tonight is amazing dialogue and beautiful cinematography. “True Detective” has done more for the visual medium of TV than any show since “Lost”. Each scene features multiple layers of story and background. Last week’s amazing visit to a rave by Detective Hart felt like a trip into Hell. The moment where he confronted his witness as the rave raged behind them was epic.

Here’s the promo for tonight’s all new “True Detective”, titled “The Secret Fate of All Life”.

Date: Sunday, February 16th
Episode Title: The Secret Fate of All Life
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream:

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