Sochi Olympics: Bob Costas to return to NBC Olympic coverage on Monday

Bob Costas became the talk of the Sochi Olympics when his infected eyes flared up so bad that he looked like he was patient zero in a zombie movie. But while his gross eyes forced him to be pulled from NBC’s coverage of the Olympics in Sochi, the network has announced that the iconic broadcaster will be back at the news desk to finish out coverage.

According to USA Today, Costas will be covering the Sochi Games on Monday and will likely continue to do so until the end of the network’s coverage of the Olympics — or until his eye infection flares up again.

NBC’s Bob Costas plans to make his return on Monday after being off the air for a week with an eye infection. The network said Sunday that Today host Matt Lauer will sub for Costas one last time on the Sunday night telecast, and that Costas is preparing for his return in prime time Monday.

We’re all hoping that Costas has invested in some medicated eye drops, because he literally brought new meaning to the term ‘eye sore’.

Still, you have to hand it to Costas for hanging in there as long as he did, and having him back will likely result in some jokes at his expense, followed by some shots of Vodka.

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