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Star Wars Rebels reveals new main character (Photo)

There has been a lot made about Disney’s upcoming plans for Star Wars: Rebels, and while we’re not hearing much about their work on the live action J.J. Abrams film, the company isn’t shy about letting us know all the information they have about the nee animated series.

After hearing from Freddie Prinze Jr. about the character he’s playing, as well as seeing the first look at the character, Lucafilm and Disney have released images of another new character.


Credit: Lucasfilm

The character is named Erza and according to, will be a cunning teenage con-artist.

Ezra is a “a charismatic teenage con artist” living on the planet Lothal who has just begun to manifest force abilities. At the onset of the story, Ezra will have little interest in the Rebellion, but will find his universe expanding when he eventually becomes the apprentice of Kanan.

So far the show looks like it’s shaping up well with a solid cast and some original and seemingly likable characters. The series will beset in between Episode III and Episode IV and tell the tale of what happened in-between the two trilogies.

Star Wars: Rebels will be premiering on Disney XD this fall.

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