Recap of The Walking Dead Episode 409 "Inmates"

Last week on The Walking Dead we found out what Rick, Carl, and Michonne have been up to since the prison. This week we get a look at what the rest of the group has been up to and find out some great details about how other characters are dealing with finding a new place to feel safe.

Daryl and Beth are at odds with one another, we find these two walking through the woods together attempting to find out what to do with themselves. Beth seems to be hopeful that others have survived the battle but Daryl is extremely quiet. She goes along convincing him to track the rest of the group, which he eventually does.

In one of the most relieving moments of the season we found out that baby Judith is still alive and in the care of Tyreese, along with kids Lizzie and Mika. They are also in the woods walking aimlessly trying to find their next move. This is the first time we really see baby Judith bothering walkers with her crying. Tyreese ends up leaving baby Judith then, in an odd moment it appears Lizzie is purposely suffocating her before Carol appears out of know where.

Maggie, Sasha and Bob find a nice spot by the water as a temporary safe haven. Maggie is insistent on going out to find the bus she thinks Glenn left the prion. Even though Sasha and Bob resist they end up going with her to find the bus which is full of zombies but no Glenn. Really the best part of the episode was the entire Glenn sequence waking up still at the prison all alone. In this zombie world it’s hard to come by any romantic story line but Maggie and Glenn attempting to find each other s as good as it gets.

Glenn must have played video games once or twice before because he marched back into the prison and picked up every item needed to make a run for it. One of the wildest moves he has ever done was throwing on the riot gear and just running through a hoard of zombies. Before completely leaving the once safe prison he spots Tara out of the corner of his eye. For those who don’t remember Tara was one of the Governors converted soldiers, who now seems to just have given up running away.

The decision Glenn has to make is if he should leave her there or take her with him knowing what she has done helping the Governor. Even after finding out Maggie’s beloved father Hershel was killed during the fight he still decides to keep her around. He said it best claiming he didn’t want her help but simply needed it.

The end of the episode left some excitement for the Walking Dead comic book fans finally introducing favorite Army sergeant Abraham, along with Eugene and Rosita. In upcoming episodes questions need to be answered, what will the introduction of Abraham mean and will the before mentioned “Sanctuary” be shown?

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