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Jimmy Fallon first Tonight Show sees cameos and $100 bets paid out (Video)

Jimmy Fallon has officially taken over The Tonight Show and his first show as host was a wild and wacky ride. After a tender and humble opener, Fallon flew right into his first bit, which featured a lot of money and a lot of star power.

Fallon’s first bit involved him saying to the audience that the friend who once told him he’d never host The Tonight Show now owes him $100 because hosting The Tonight Show is Fallon’s new gig. This led to everyone from Joan Rivers to Robert De Niro, Joe Namath, Juila Roberts, Lady Gaga, Seth Rogen and Stephen Colbert came out to pony up the cash they owed Fallon for doubting him.

The bit was hilarious as it proved to be Fallon’s first killer bit — and it was only 20 minutes into his tenure as the host of The Tonight Show.

Not everyone was a of the bit, but it proved to be the fist big laugh and major ruckus that Fallon caused on The Tonight Show. It was the highlight of the night for many, and it truly showed a changing of the guard. Fallon transitioned seamlessly from being humbled and honored to be the new Tonight Show host into a hilarious bit that bordered on self-depreivation.

The era of Fallon has arrived at The Tonight Show and he seems to be fitting into the role of host nicely.

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