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Jada Pinkett Smith cast as villain in Gotham


The cast of the Batman prequel series Gotham has already filled out with some great names, but the cast got it’s biggest addition yet on Wednesday. FOX has announced that actress Jada Pinkett Smith has been added to the cast in the role of The Penguin’s crime boss.

Smith’s involvement in Gotham was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter:

Fox’s Batman prequel Gothamhas cast another of its big bads. Jada Pinkett Smith is returning to the small screen, booking a co-starring role in the show, The Hollywood Reporterhas learned.

Smith is best known for her roles in films like Set It Off as well as two of the three Matrix movies. She also contributed to some of the outside material for The Matrix, lending her likeness, voice and CGI-skills to the video game Enter The Matrix in which she performed motion capture for gameplay.

She also is known for being the wife of Will Smith, but her acting career speaks for itself and her marriage to the Fresh Prince is merely a footnote on her resume.

Her addition to the cast of Gotham will only increase her popularity and should bring her much deserved acting attention that has eluded her in recent years.

Gotham will premiere on FOX this fall.

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