NBC Primetime Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics for February 19th Preview

yuna-kim When it comes to the Winter Olympics there is Women’s Figure Skating, and then everything else. Sure we all pretend to enjoy those once every four year events like biathlon, that classic combination of cross country skiing and shooting a scoped rifle, or the downhill events ripped straight out of the X Games playbook, but the real juice still remains in Figure Skating. Want to be on the cover of a Wheaties box after the Winter Games? Then lace up those Figure Skates, pal. Tonight the ladies’ short program kicks off with 2010 gold medalist Yuna Kim from South Korea as the overall favorite. The best shot for the USA to pick up a medal is Gracie Gold. Her name sounds like an Olympic champion, but she’s unproven on such a big stage. Gold could be skating more for a slot on the eventual Smuckers sponsored area tour of Olympic Skaters than an actual medal. Here’s the official preview of tonight’s NBC Olympic coverage.

The rivalry between 2010 Olympic silver medalist Mao Asada and 2010 Olympic champion Yuna Kim is reignited with the ladies’ short program. Ted Ligety skis for gold in his signature event alongside Bode Miller. Elana Meyers, a 2010 Olympic bronze medalist as a brakeman, is now in the bobsled driver’s seat as a top medal threat.

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