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Patrick Faucette makes waves each week on OWN’s hit show “Tyler Perry’s The Haves and the Have Nots”. As Tony, the absentee husband and father, he’s the kind of character you can’t take your eyes off of. Patrick took some time to sit down with Hidden Remote to discuss what it’s like working on a Tyler Perry project, the fan reaction to Tony, and his greatest acting influences.

1. Patrick, tell us a little about the road you took from playing College Football to becoming an Actor?

Well I’ve always been kind of a performer. In high school I used to play the bass in the Band and the Jazz Band and the Stand Up Bass in the Orchestra. I also performed on the football field playing linebacker and fullback. After High School I went to Boston University on a football scholarship. I played football for four years and majored in Physical Therapy. After I graduated, I didn’t get drafted so I went to a few open tryouts with NFL teams but I wasn’t able to get on a roster. After that I moved out to San Francisco with some college friends who were actors. I went to a lot of their plays and then they convinced me to do a play and I was hooked. I started taking acting classes and doing plays and commercials. Then I packed my bags and moved to LA to tackle Film and Television.

2. Your character on OWN’s “The Have’s and the Have Nots”, Tony Watson, was an absentee Father and Husband. Was it hard to get into the mindset of a person with that background?

I’m a father of 3 so I have the father part down, but the absentee part was kind of tough. I cant imagine not spending time with my kids or not letting my son know that I’m his dad. So yea it was a little hard to get into that mindset. Tony has his reasons why he stayed away. He feels that with his circumstances and his situation it was better not to be in Benny’s life. This is not to say he doesn’t regret it, because he does, but I can’t be the judge of whether Tony is right or wrong for what he’s done.

3. Have you ever heard from fans about the choices Tony made?

Oh yea! My fans on Twitter make it very clear how the feel about Tony’s choices. They are not very happy with Tony right now. I try to give them a little of Tony’s rational, but they don’t want to hear it. They just think Tony is a selfish you know what. Even my mom is a little upset with me about Tony’s behavior.

4. This season Tony is at war with Hannah over their son Benny, who is on life support after being hit by a car. Do you think Tony has Benny’s best interests at heart, or is this more about the battle between he and Hannah? Also anything you can tell us about Tony’s future on the show?

That’s a tough one. In season 1, I think Tony sincerely wanted to reconnect with his son. Hanna was understandable very apprehensive about the idea and was still very upset with Tony because of all their history. In season 2, after the accident, Tony is shocked at what’s has happened with Benny being on life support, but at the same time Tony is in a fight for his own life; getting dialysis and waiting for a kidney donor. So when the doctor tells him Benny is brain dead and they should think about organ donation, Tony feels Benny can save his life and in a way, his son can live on in him. As far as Tony’s future, I can’t say too much but hopefully he’ll be able to do something in the future to redeem himself. Maybe next season.

5. Besides “The Have’s and the Have Nots”, Do you have a favorite Tyler Perry movie or show?

I think my favorite Tyler Perry movie is Madea’s Family Reunion. I love when Lisa (Rochelle Aytes) throws the hot grits on Carlos (Blair Underwood). Blair Underwood played the best villain in that. You love to hate him. He did a great job.

6. Who has been the greatest influence on you as an actor?

I’d have to say Denzel Washington because he shows me what is possible. He started off as a TV star then made the transition into movies. Then he made the transition into super-stardom. He shows me there is no limit to what you can do in this business.

7. What were some of your favorite TV shows from your childhood?

I grew up watching so much TV. I was raised on TV. Sesame Street was my preschool. Some of my favorite TV shows were Good Times, Fantasy Island , The Jeffersons, and The Land of the Lost. I guess I’m dating myself huh.

8. Bonus Question: Since we’re in the midst of the Winter Olympics in Sochi , and you’ve had experience as an athlete. What Winter Olympic sport would you love to try?

I would have to say the Olympic Bobsled. I can run pretty fast, at least i used to, and I just think it would be fun to jump into that sled and fly down that track at almost 100 mph.

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