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Brian Williams raps 'Rappers Delight' with Lester Holt on The Tonight Show (Video)

If there’s one thing you have to love about Jimmy Fallon taking over The Tonight Show, it’s that he and head writer A.D. Miles have begun integrating some of the best bits from Late Night into the iconic Tonight Show.

So far Fallon has thrown in some sketch work and his monologue has barely changed and last night we saw another Late Night staple move over to The Tonight Show.

Fallon and his writing staff love editing together Brian Williams news clips together to make it appears as though he’s rapping classic lyrics from classic songs. Wednesday night saw not only the first Tonight Show appearance of this bit, but also a cameo from Lester Holt who helped Williams rap the lyrics to Sugarhill Gang’s ‘Rappers Delight’.

Here’s the hilarious video:

These bits always killed on Late Night and it’a great to see them transition over to The Tonight Show. Fallon isn’t totally turning his new show into an earlier time-slotted version of his previous show, but the best bits from Late Night are hard to leave behind and it’s clear that they are going to be a part of the show for at least the time being.

No word yet on when the next Brian Williams rap video will drop from Fallon, but at least we have this gem to tide us over until we get a new one.

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