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TNT eyeing The Librarian TV series starring Noah Wyle

With the success of other action and adventure shows on television, Turner is trying to get into the game further with a new series they’re developing around network star Noah Wyle. The Falling Skies star first got his in with Turner on the TNT mad-for-TV films The Librarian, which were pretty much rip-offs of The Mummy and Indiana Jones.

Still, those aren’t bad franchises to be compared to when it comes to action-adventure, and the charm the films had led to a following that now has TNT thinking about developing the films into a running TV series.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

TNT is eyeing The Librarian as a full-fledged series.

The Turner-owned cable network is developing a drama series based on the Noah Wyle-toplined TV movies that began airing in 2004, The Hollywood Reporter confirms.

Not much else is known about the project, although fans of the films don’t need to know much more than a show is being developed. It’s an ambitious idea, but it’s one that might catch on with more viewers than you’d think. Having a series on that is basically Indiana Jones with Noah Wyle isn’t the worst thing in the world, and it could end up being a hit for TNT much like Falling Skies has been during its run.

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