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Will Ferrell, Michelle Obama goof off in Tonight Show skit (Video)

Jimmy Fallon has gotten off to a great start in his gig as host of The Tonight Show and with is first week wrapping up, it’s looking like he’s going to be holding onto the job a lot longer than some may have predicted. We’ll have to see how well he does when he’s not following the Sochi Olympics, but so far Fallon has shown the power to lock down great guests on the show which has definitely helped keep the show viral-worthy.

From his classic $100 bet opener to his first show to the Brian Williams-Lester Holt rap video, Fallon continued churning out bits with an installment of a skit called ‘Ew!’, which features Fallon dressed up as a snobby teenage girl hanging out in her basement.

Will Ferrell dropped by to give Fallon some help in the skit but the biggest applause and the best moment came when First Lady Michelle Obama came out and bought completely into the bit.

Usually guest of Mrs. Obama’s stature tend to block themselves out of the bit and play themselves playing a role in the bit. But she dove right in and was light, funny and nailed the bit.

Fallon’s great first week is coming to a close, but if he can continue this sort of momentum, he may actually hang onto The Tonight Show for a significant period of time.

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