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Jimmy Fallon band leader Questlove to guest star on Law and Order SVU

A few weeks ago, Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show bandleader Questlove stated to US Weekly that his dream was to play a dead guy on TV. Well, if dream hard enough, you’ll eventually get what you want as Questlove has been booked as agues star on Law & Order: SVU.

News that Questlove will be appearing on Law & Order: SVU was elaborated on by The Hollywood Reporter earlier this weekend.

Per The Hollywood Reporter:

Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show bandleader and The Roots drummer will guest star in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Law & Order: SVU. But he won’t be playing any ordinary character. Questlove will be fulfilling his dream of being a corpse on the long-running procedural.

There have been a slew of famous faces to show up on the hit NBC show, and it probably helps that Questlove is now the new bandleader of the most historic late night talk show in television history. Either way, he had a dream to be a dead guy on a television show and that dream for Questlove has now come true.


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