Netflix Adds The Final Episodes of Breaking Bad…And You Should Watch Them Again.

Cord cutters, rejoice!  Everyone’s favorite streaming service, Netflix, has announced that they have made the remaining 8 episodes of “Breaking Bad” available for subscribers.  Let’s face it, regardless of whether or not you have cable, you’ve most likely seen the harrowing conclusion of the series already.  However, it never hurts to re-live the final chapter of meth kingpin Walter White, especially when it’s commercial free and available to you “a la carte.” Here’s why:

Complete, and total, immersion.

Obviously, by having the last season (and entire series) available to you on-demand, you are allowing yourself to totally immerse yourself into the show, cutting out the 3-minute commercial distractions.  Streaming services with limited, or rather, no commercial breaks allow the writers of compelling dramas like “House of Cards” and “Breaking Bad” to weave more complex storylines and dialogue without fear of truly losing the viewer in any sort of muddled confusion.  Having all of the episodes at your disposal and binge-watching them, eliminates that cliffhanging week-long wait, or worse, the dreaded in-between season hiatus – giving you the viewer a chance to never let any pieces of the plot slip through your fingers.  Sure, the season will go by quicker, but you leave fully satisfied in a fraction of the time.

The beautifully subtle nuances.

Building on my last point, the beauty of AMC shows like “Mad Men” and “Breaking Bad” lie in the subtlety of various elements in the script.  For instance, the show came to a close after 62 episodes. If you take a closer look at the periodic table (a theme in the show’s opening credits), element 62 is Samarium – which is used in injections to treat various forms of cancer, most notably, lung cancer.

Or, let’s go back to season 2, and remember that haunting one-eyed bear that falls from the sky into Walt’s pool.  Fast forward to the finale of season 4, “Face Off,” and we see that the bear was a foreshadowing to that iconic and morbid final shot of a half-faced Gustavo Fring.

Even small things like the color of Walt’s shirt, the faces character’s make while they are suffering, and even the way Walt eats his bacon on his birthday, are all in some way symbolic.  The point is, watching the series just once – or maybe even just twice – is not enough to pick out the beautifully laced allegories peppered into the show.

Find someone who – somehow – hasn’t seen the show, and force them to watch it.

There is nothing that makes a series like “Breaking Bad” more enjoyable than by introducing it to someone who hasn’t decided to join the herd and give in to this series.  Whether it’s your mother, sister, or even someone you fancy, the pickiest of television viewers will – 9 times out of 10 – enjoy the show.  Watching a new viewer gasp at the show’s stomach wrenching plot-turns (while you already know what is going to happen) is almost just as entertaining as when you yourself saw those twists the first time.  The only hard part is containing yourself and keeping the experience spoiler-free.

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