The Walking Dead: "Claimed" Recap


This weeks episode “Claimed” shows Rick playing a mean game of hide and seek with some intruders, Michonne going on a food run with Carl, and Glenn going against Abrahams wishes.

Tara is writing down directions on her hand as a way of remembering how to get back to the bus for Glenn. Abraham is driving but must come to a stop because cars are blocking the road. As walkers come up to the bed of the truck, Tara is loading up her weapon ready to fire until Abraham shouts “Do not fire that weapon.” With great pleasure Abraham gets out and takes care of the walkers with a crowbar. Tara even notes that he was smiling while doing so.

Later, Glenn wakes up and is told what has happened but remains dead set on finding Maggie. He orders Abraham to stop the truck by pounding on the back window. Glenn gets out with his belongings and starts walking but is being chased by Abraham, Rosita, and Tara. Abraham cuts him off and explains that Eugene has the answer to fix the zombie outbreak. They are heading to Washington D.C. to meet with other important people to figure it out.

Glenn asks about the information he has and Eugene has about the most hilarious response, which is “it’s classified.” I’m not sure what can be classified when everyday danger lurks around every corner but thats just me. Abraham also presses the wrong button with Glenn telling him that Maggie is most likely dead, well that makes Glenn punch Abraham and a fight takes place. During the commotion about many walkers come out of the corn fields as Eugene starts horribly firing his weapon. The fighting stops and everyone must come to his rescue, once the shooting ends it turns out Eugene destroyed the truck and they all follow Glenn.

Michonne and Carl bond while going on a food run to other houses. Carl finds out some interesting information about her that nobody knows including the name of her son which was Andre. As they clear the house, Carl is allowed to ask more questions and promises to keep her secret. They both end up getting a pretty good haul of supplies and are soon on their way back to the house.

Rick awakes to voices that are not those of Carl or Michonne and quickly grabs his belongings and starts a pretty good game of hide and seek. He hides under the bed as an intruder walks into the room and decides to take a nap. A little later another intruder starts a fight with the sleeping man. The man who started the fight falls to the floor and spots Rick but is to busy being killed. The man goes back to sleep but Rick needs to move before the dead man rises.

He sneaks out of the room and now plays a cat and mouse game with the rest of the intruders. He hides in a bathroom but a man is already in there, which of course means they have to fight until death. Rick ends up sneaking out of the window until the right moment comes to run. The intruders find the man that Rick killed just as Carl and Michonne show up and they all run away together. The episode ends with the group of Rick, Carl, and Michonne finding the “Terminus” sign and decide to follow the tracks.

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