Michelle Obama to guest star on Parks and Recreation season 6 finale

Parks and Recreation

The first lady of the United States is coming to Pawnee — sort of. Parks and Recreation is nearing the end of it’s sixth season and it just booked an epic guest star for the season finale in April. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Parks and Recreation will feature a guest appearance by first lady Michelle Obama.

Per THR.com:

The first lady will guest star on the season finale of Parks and Recreation, NBC announced Thursday. The one-hour season-six closer is slated to air Thursday, April 24 at 8 p.m.

We’ve seen real life political figures appear in guest cameo spots on Pars and Rec before, but this one is perhaps as good as it gets, next to getting President Obama himself to appear. No details have been released about the capacity in which Michelle Obama will be appearing but she’ll for sure be getting some air time and likely a fe alines as well.

When we last left Leslie Knope and her friends, she was reeling over the loss of her friend Ann Perkins, who moved to Michigan with Chris to start their family. It’s clear that life will go on after Ann has left, and Leslie might just try to make the first lady her new best friend as a replacement.

The season six finale of Parks and Recreation will premiere on NBC this upcoming April 24th.

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