Must See TV Moments from the 2014 Oscars

Last night’s Oscar telecast felt longer than ever. The first twenty minutes of the show were enjoyable, but then it lapsed into a long doldrums period. Even with an underwhelming cast of winners, the show still provided a bunch of moments worthy of the label “Must See”.

The first moment was host Ellen DeGeneres’ monologue. It wasn’t more than Ellen calling out names of different stars and the corresponding joke, but it worked. Sadly it was the last time Ellen really owned the stage.

Pharrell Williams performance of his Oscar nominating song “Happy” was a first for the show. Pharrell actually got the audience to stand up during a musical performance. The audience at the Oscars doesn’t like to stand up except for older stars and winners. Pharrell shames the audience into standing up, and the result was one of the more energetic Oscar performances in recent memory.

Poor poor Kim Novak. The classic beauty from “Vertigo” has undergone an interesting aging process. She appeared drugged from her recent plastic surgeries when on stage, and was a walking billboard for aging gracefully. She had the look of Katherine Helmond in “Brazil”.

Brazil-face_610Here’s the clip.

The biggest star of the night from Twitter was John Travolta. Wearing a living animal on his forehead in the shape of a whale’s tail, Travolta was asked to introduce Idina Menzel to perform a nominated song from “Frozen”. That’s all we needed from Hollywood’s never aging man. Travolta butchered Menzel’s name, calling her Adele Dazim, and creating a global meme in the process.

The most pure Hollywood moment of the night was Ellen enlisting a gaggle of A-List stars to take a Selfie with her in an attempt to break the most Retweets of all time. It was power pretending to be just like one of us.

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