The Walking Dead: "Still" Recap

On Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead we get a rare glimpse of what Daryl was doing before all of this zombie apocalypse thing went down. The episode entitled “Still” made perfect sense because nothing great happened here. The entire time we are following the oddest pair of the remaining prison group Daryl and Beth.

The younger individuals on this show have been very tough to deal with for the father type figures. Who can blame them? Living in a world surrounded by killing and losing loved ones while attempting to control their raging emotions must be difficult. First it was Carl thinking he doesn’t have to rely on his father Rick anymore, now it’s Beth wanting to have her first drink. Before we get to that, Daryl had to spend the night in the trunk of a car with Beth to hide from a hoard of walkers.

The next morning they grab supplies from the car and go make a camp site in the middle of the woods. Beth has the urge to go have a drink forcing Daryl to follow her on this wild goose chase to a country club. The come upon many dead who seem to have taken their own lives so they didn’t have to survive in this tough world. As they are collecting supplies, Beth finds a spoon with Washington D.C. inscribed on it possibly giving us a hint on the possible end game of the show. They both finally come to the bar in the country club but not before Daryl had to fend off an onslaught of walkers. Beth asks Daryl if peach Schnapps is any good which of course ticks him off even more to the point where he smashes the bottle.

Daryl takes Beth to a shack in the woods where at one point he had met Michonne and where some moonshine was being stored. In a way it’s funny that Beth’s first drink is going to be with Daryl and of all drinks it’s going to be moonshine. The real questions get answered once they start playing Never Have I Ever. We basically find out that Daryl wasn’t doing anything before besides following brother Merle around and that he is an angry drunk. Daryl has a complete meltdown that starts with angry screaming and ends with a crossbow melee on one unlucky walker.

Through all of this we find out that Daryl solely blames himself for the destruction that took place at the prison. He should have kept tracking the Governor to make sure the problem was taken care of and maybe nobody would have died. Group members like Beth’s father Hershel would still be alive and the prison still intact. This was by far the best part of the episode because now we know Daryl does care about the people in his life. The episode ends with Both Daryl and Beth dousing the house with moonshine and lighting it on fire. Even in the zombie apocalypse you still can have fun and burn down the house.

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