Mad Men Final Season: Trailer reveals first footage of Don Draper (Video)


We’re just a month away from the start of the final season of the hit AMC series Mad Men and we’ve just gotten our best look at new footage we’ve had in a long time. While April 13th is still over a month away at this point, AMC is starting to roll out the red carpet for the last batch of episodes for one of the networks’ most influential and well received shows.

Check out the trailer for the first half of the final season for Mad Men:

Much like a fellow hit AMC series, Mad Men is being split into two halves and will air over the course of the next year which extends into 2015. This is sometimes a controversial choice since it drags a final season out into two unofficial seasons but it at least gives the writers time to figure our a proper ending to a show.

It worked splendidly for Breaking Bad, so there’s hope for Mad Men as well.

The second half of the season — which will be the official final batch of episodes — won’t air until 2015 but we will see plenty of Don Draper and company before then. The first half of the last season of Mad Men will premiere this April 13th on AMC and so far it looks like we’re in for one heck of a finale in the saga of Don Draper.

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