'Game of Thrones' New Season 4 Trailer To Air Before 'True Detective' Finale

“Game of Thrones” addicts now have even more reason to keep their eyes glues to tonight’s “True Detective” season finale. According to the official HBO “Game of Thrones” Vine there’s a brand new trailer for season 4 of “Game of Thrones” slated to air right before tonight’s finale. What can we expect to see from the new promo? Well lucky for us HBO has put two clips up on Vine to wet out collective appetites about the show’s return in 29 days.

Here’s the first quick tease featuring the mother of dragons. We get to see her approach a pyramid shaped stronghold. It’s a place readers of the George R. R. Martin books won’t have a problem identifying.

If a quick glimpse of the Queen across the water isn’t enough then check out this second video. In this quick clip we get a moody shot of Jon Snow underneath the Wall. He’s in the ice tunnel, but the question remains about what direction he’s exactly heading. Could he be headed out to discuss terms with the Wildings massing on his Wall?

29 Days left until the 4th Season of “Game of Thrones” explodes back onto HBO.

UPDATE: HBO Puts New Season 4 Trailer Online

Date: Sunday, March 9th
Episode Title: Season 4 Trailer
Start Time: 8:59 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: HBO.com

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