'True Detective' Season 1 Finale: Preview and Possible Endings

HBO’s “True Detective” exploded onto the television landscape like a Louisiana Keyser Soze, and now after eight episodes the show’s about to disappear into the wind. It is rare for a show today to embrace the anthology format, HBO could squeeze three “Homeland” type of seasons out of the pairing of Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. However by making each season of “True Detective” a self contained story allows the show’s creator Nic Pizzolatto to tell the story he wants without worrying about getting Cohle and Hart to syndication.

Last week the show ended with a possible reveal of the yellow king. He was a landscaper that we’ve seen before on the show. The two cops from the present working the case were even talking with him at the end of the episode, but his scarred face didn’t raise any alarm bells. The guy was cutting grass at the revival tent meeting, and might have been outside the school that Cohle found littered with creepy wood symbols.

Let’s kick around some possible endings for tonight’s season 1.

1. The Happy Ending

Cohle and Hart track down the Yellow King and bring him to justice. Hart’s wife is at the station when they bring the suspect in, and they fall back in love together. Cohle meanwhile retires to be a Professor of Philosophy at Princeton.

2. The Dark Ending

Cohle sacrifices his life to kill the Yellow King and save Hart. Show ends with Hart attending a plaque being revealed to honor Cohle, while at the same time a new young detective pairing receives a call of a new murder. The world repeats itself once again, and evil is never really snuffed out.

3. The “Girls” Ending

Adam from “Girls” is the killer. Perfect synergy for HBO.

4. The Shocking Ending

Could there be a chance Cohle has more knowledge of the killings? Did he kill the Reverend in 2010? He’s carrying around so much anger and hate that there has to be a major secret out there yet to be revealed. What if Hart has to shoot Cohle instead of bringing him in to justice. Consider this the “Old Yeller” approach to story telling.

Either way tonight is the last “True Detective” of season one, and the moment the title of Best Show on TV is vacated once again. Don’t worry viewers because “Game of Thrones” is only 29 days away now from filling that void.

Date: Sunday, March 9th
Episode Title: Form and Void
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream: HBO.com

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