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The Flash debuts new suit in first images from CW show (Photo)

The first images of the upcoming The Flash series from the CW have been released and they have comic book fans abuzz with reaction. The suit is being showed off for the first time and while it is drawing fan reaction, it shows that the series is almost set to arrive.

Here’s a complete look at the new suit that Grant Gustin will be wearing in The Flash on CW:

Credit: CW

Credit: CW

This latest preview gives us a total view of the full body suit that will be worn on the series as the only other reveals we had up until today were from the neck up.

Many fans have latched onto the CW series Arrow, which follows the DC Comics character Green Arrow and that has a lotos people interested in how well this spin off series will go. The quality of Arrow won over a lot of fans and there’s hope that The Flash will follow closely in those footsteps. Marvel has had a misstep with the unfortunate decline of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and DC is clearly taking advantage with what could be two hit series based on their characters.

There series is set to debut on CW in the very near future as filming on the series is well underway.


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