'The Americans' Season 2 Episode 3 on FX: Preview

Now that “True Detective” is over there is a three week break until the HBO hype machine returns with season 4 of “Game of Thrones”. There isn’t a better time than now to get caught up in the espionage filled world of FX’s “The Americans”. All of Season 1 is available to Amazon Prime viewers, and the second season is only three episodes deep. The story of Philip and Elizabeth grows darker with each moment.

Last week the duo tried to unravel the murder of a pair of KGB agents and their daughter. The show is really about the relationships between couples. Philip and Elizabeth are one of them and FBI Agent Stan and KGB Agent Nina are another. Stan has fallen in love with the agent he was running, Nina, but she’s playing him for the Soviets. It creates a delicate balance between them as both imagine themselves in control.

Last week Nina revealed to Stan that the Soviets had an American walk in to the office with information. Using the time of day Nina gave him for the walk in Stan was able to pin point the few people who might be suspects. Tonight’s all new episode, titled “The Walk In”, deals with Stan trying to keep the American Intel out of the KGB’s hands.

Here’s the description of the episode from FX.

Philip and Elizabeth complete their next mission – but not without complications – and Philip’s fears about Elizabeth’s readiness for action deepen. Stan tracks the KGB walk in which leads to much praise at work and a deepening of his attachment to, and dependence on, Nina. Meanwhile, Paige snoops into her mother’s family background and Oleg begins to scrutinize Nina’s secret operation.

Philip and Elizabeth’s daughter Paige just won’t stop snooping around the house. The writers on the show need to be careful or she could turn into another Dana Brody type character. From the looks of the promo for the episode the biggest moment occurs when Stan tracks down a sniper. The footage appears to show him holding a gun on a disguised Philip.

It’s not too late to get hooked on “The Americans”.

Date: Wednesday, March 12th
Episode Title: The Walk In
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: FX
Online Stream: FXNetworks.com

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