'Flipping Out' Season 7 Episode 2 on Bravo: Preview

We warned viewers last week of a possible prank on the season 7 premiere of “Flipping Out”. The promo for the premiere appeared to show Jeff Lewis’ long time assistant Jenni going into labor, but knowing the atmosphere in the Jeff Lewis office it could have been a joke. Also Jeff needs Jenni on the show as long as humanly possible. She’s the sugar to his salt. In the end Jenni’s “water breaking” was actually Jeff’s fiance pouring water between her legs.

While Jenni still isn’t ready to pop, Jeff isn’t wasting anytime in bringing in extra help. Tonight’s all new episode of “Flipping Out”, titled “The New Girl”, introduces viewers to Megan. Megan is one of Jeff’s oldest friends and the new design assistant. Bringing in new people always adds drama to an office, and Jeff’s assistant Andy doesn’t disappoint in that department.

Here’s the Bravo description of tonight’s all new episode.

Jeff prepares for Jenni’s impending maternity leave by hiring his friend Megan as his new design assistant. Jealous of Megan’s hire, Andy acts out, forcing Jenni to take up her role of Human Resources Director again. Meanwhile, Jeff helps an old friend redesign her home on a tight budget.

So just how bad does Andy get tonight? Well first he weighs in on a discussion of female anatomy post pregnancy. His joke, not surprisingly, goes over like a lead balloon.

Andy’s like a little boy acting out to get Daddy’s attention. He doesn’t learn his lesson from this incident thought. Later on a job site Andy once again sticks his foot in his mouth when attempting to be one of the cool kids. Andy needs to learn that Jeff is there for the blue humor and he’s there to wear ridiculous outfits. His joke about caulk isn’t even that funny.

Can Jeff Lewis survive without Jenni? Tune in tonight to see the first steps in that process. Oh and for the always amazing Zoila. She’s the Kramer of “Flipping Out”.

Date: Wednesday, March 12th
Episode Title: The New Girl
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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