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Jimmy Kimmel spoofs True Detective with Seth Rogen (Video)

The final episode of the hit HBO series True Detective aired on Sunday and the end of the first season brought a lot of attention to a show that had exploded out of nowhere in popularity. Fans and critics alike fell in love with the series, as it reached a wide ranging audience and managed to deliver on a lot of solid writing.

But with fame comes parody and there seems to be no bigger king of late night parody that Jimmy Kimmel. He’s crafted one of the best late night talk shows on television and has taken his show on the road this week to visit Austin, Texas for South by Southwest.

For his first show at SXSW, Kimmel enlisted the help of Seth Rogen to spoof the hit HBO series and what they ended up with is one of the most hilarious parodies of the show we’re likely to see for some time.

Here’s a look at the complete spoof by Kimmel and Rogen:

Kimmel hasn’t flinched since the arrival of Jimmy Fallon on NBC and his show still seems to be matching or even bettering Fallon’s every night. The late night battle is just beginning, but Kimmel’s ability to produce parodies like this is why he’s king.

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